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Partner Spotlight: Wildlife Conservation Network

This is the only world we have. It’s filled with beautiful sprawling vistas, endless sunlit horizons, and the incredible diversity of the animal kingdom. The Wildlife Conservation Network works to protect a vast number of threatened species across the entire globe. Through powerful partnerships, WCN supports the cohabitation of humans and animals on this marvelous world of ours. Giftiply is proud to be one such partner.

Their Mission

The Wildlife Conservation Network, true to its name, is a network of conservationists! They search for the very best entrepreneurial organizations and offer financial support alongside additional tools and services- the goal is to help clear the way for conservationists to effectively do their great work.

When donors are looking for ways to help the causes they care about, investment and financial transparency is incredibly important. WCN makes it easy for donors to understand exactly where their funds are going. Whether a gift is made to one of WCN's Conservation Partners, to a Wildlife Fund, or to support emerging wildlife leaders, WCN ensures 100% of all designated donations go straight to the field. While exploring new approaches to these protection efforts, the Wildlife Conservation Network also supports tried and true endeavors that have a track record for success.

"At WCN we strongly believe in egoless collaboration and the spirit of abundance. This is reflected in our incredible network of donors who have helped us raise and deploy more than $170 million for wildlife. Together—individuals, companies, foundations, and our partners—we are making a huge impact to protect species and help conservationists around the world." – Paul Thomson, Director of Conservation Programs

Charles Knowles, President and Co-founder of WCN, has brought a new level of creativity and practicality to the donation approach. This simple and effective method of connecting researchers, conservationists, field operators, and donors has inspired a new generation of those looking to protect wildlife. It is clear when talking to any member of the Wildlife Conservation Network team that they are passionate about the work they do and the cause they support.

Our Partnership

Furthering our goal of inspiring philanthropy through art, Giftiply is honored to have partnered with WCN to create three wildlife-inspired wrapping paper designs and a matching holiday greeting card!

“We are delighted to partner with Giftiply and increase awareness for wildlife conservation efforts. The wildlife-themed gift wrap and greeting cards in our collection are a fun entryway to inspire people to care and learn more about the protection of endangered species.” – Melissa Fenton, Head of Corporate Partnerships

Let it Snow Leopards is a darling winter design featuring frolicking snow leopards amidst a collection of winterberries and tiny bird friends! Lounging, exploring, or playing in the snow, these adorable poses are inspired by real snow leopards and their expressive postures. This design was created by Ignacio Alfonzo, the artist behind Giftiply’s signature style and our eclectic staff of hamsters.

Conservation Decorations, created by Cara Levine, showcases a wide variety of animals that WCN supports. This soft and approachable print features super cute holiday ornaments adorned with giraffes, elephants, lions, zebras, macaws, and many other wild friends! This wrapping paper is paired with the Wildlife Ornaments greeting card, offering Season’s Greetings in a complimentary color to the paper.

Artist Morgan Lee Richardson is a longstanding member of the Wildlife Conservation Network, having created incredible dedicated pieces to raise awareness and funds for the protection of wild animals and their habitats. Richardson created the Wonderful World of Wildlife design for Giftiply, a rich and colorful love letter to the animals WCN protects. This gorgeous wrapping paper print is perfect for any celebration!

How You Can Help

  1. Attend an Event - The largest event of the year for WCN is the Wildlife Conservation Expo. This is an incredible opportunity to meet conservationists from around the world, explore your passion for wildlife, and forge friendships with like-minded people. Missed the last few years of Expo fun? No worries! Talks from expos going back to 2014 are available online here!

  2. Shop Conservation Partners - Since you are already on the Giftiply website, you’re in a great place to support WCN while shopping! But wrapping paper without gifts to wrap is a PB&J without the jelly. (A PB sandwich is fine, just incomplete.) WCN has an awesome online store that features a wide range of products that all support their cause!

  3. Fundraise for Wildlife - Want to get even more involved? Consider starting a fundraiser of your own! WCN offers a ton of tools to help kickstart your fundraising journey. Whether fundraising online, hosting an event, or simply spreading the word, there are tons of ways to help support this mission.

  4. Engage Online - Do you like cool pictures of animals? Updates on conservation goals and missions? I highly recommend following WCN on their socials and signing up for their email list. Spreading awareness is a huge part of the success of nonprofit organizations. It’s a great follow, especially if you’re into wildlife photography, and let’s be honest, who isn’t?

Wild Wonderful World

The protection of endangered wildlife can be supported in so many ways. A task this monumental can feel out of reach, but every dollar, social media share, and passionate supporter counts. Giftiply is so honored to be a part of the solution, part of a network that works to conserve our world’s incredible animals.


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