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Giftiply’s Sustainability Promise: Creating Eco-Friendly Products

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

To be Sustainable is to be mindful of the current and future impact of our products, shipping, and overall business practices. One of Giftiply’s goals from the very beginning has been to create sustainable, eco-friendly products that you can feel good about purchasing. Our entire message runs off the idea of giving back; we follow that message through every step of the process. Here we will discuss the efforts made to be ecologically sustainable, what you can do to promote your own sustainability, and why we make these changes.

The Paper Itself

All of our wrapping paper is printed on 100% recyclable newsprint. Printed with eco-friendly inks, these papers can even be composted in your own backyard. This is a standout from many other gift wrap options; anything with glitter, foil, or non-paper adornments is not recyclable. After the excitement of unwrapping has passed, you can feel good about recycling what is often viewed as a single-use item.

Giftiply’s wrapping paper designs are also purposefully non-occasion-specific. This means one package of paper can take you farther into your gift-giving seasons. Our colorful and fun patterns not only connect back to the Non-Profit Organizations each page benefits but also tell creative and artistic stories for any season.

Lose the Tube

Our wrapping paper products are sent to you in folded, 21.5” X 34” sheets. This flat-pack design means cutting out the totally unnecessary cardboard tube! That’s one less item produced, and one less thing that needs to be processed by a recycling plant down the line- if it even gets there. Losing the Tube also means easy storage! Gone are the days of awkwardly shoving wrapping paper tubes into the hall closet, begging them not to fall out every time you go to grab your coat. Maybe that’s more of a “me problem” but you get the idea. Giftiply’s flat-pack sheets are easy to store, stack, and stash away.

Local Production

Giftiply products are manufactured in the USA, cutting down the need for expensive and heavily ecologically impactful overseas shipping. Our non-profit partners are all currently based in and impact the US, so keeping things local makes the most sense! This way too, we know the production process is kept clean, sustainable, and that the employees involved in the manufacturing are treated well. You can learn more about the awesome work done over at Wrappily by checking out their website HERE!

Packaging for Shipment - EcoEnclose

At the core of Giftiply’s mission, we believe that one small change can light a spark for major change. This belief is reflected in the central ideals of EcoEnclose, a sustainable, recyclable packaging company that we have partnered with for our mailers, boxes, and additional shipping items. Their Big Picture Goal is to transform E-Commerce into a regenerative source for ecological change. Instead of making packaging strictly out of virgin trees or plastics, they strive to make packaging… out of packaging! As EcoEnclose grows, they are constantly looking to increase the quality and sustainability of their products.

Pushing the Envelope

The Giftiply team had the pleasure of sitting down with Madison Shepherd, our EcoEnclose contact/ambassador/cheerleader to learn more about how this woman-owned business is making strides in the world of sustainable packaging.

Making it Accessible for Everyone

EcoEnclose has partnerships on every level. From Big Businesses, to Startups, to Small Shop Sellers, their packaging is available to those who want it. There are no restrictive order sizes or impossible benchmarks to hit. Everyone can do their part in creating a cleaner future!

Progress Over All Else -

“Don’t let perfection get in the way of progress. It can be overwhelming to jump into the deep end and demand perfection from yourself.” - Madison Shepherd

When discussing what we can do to promote our own, personal sustainability, Madison touched on this important detail. This way of thinking helps move us forward rather than holding out for the perfect, 100% carbon-neutral sustainability. It’s better to take small steps forward while you can, than to stand still, waiting for things to get better. Additionally, this quote can be applied to so many changes we’re looking to make in our lives. It really sums up a lot of feelings Giftiply has toward bettering our community. We can all make those little changes.

Personal Sustainability Goals

Here are 5 examples of those little changes we can make to promote our own sustainability:

1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! - Okay, maybe it’s cheating to have three things be number one on this list, but it’s tried and true for a reason. Recycling is the easiest and most straightforward way to help the environment. It takes almost no effort to sort recyclables into the proper bins. A little research on what can and can’t be recycled will go a long way!

2. Cut Down Your Plastic - Thinking about the landfill longevity of plastic bags honestly freaks me out. Paper and reusable tote bags are perfect for shopping trips; reusable food containers and wax wraps can totally replace single-use press-seal bags.

3. Use your Energy - It’s not always possible to make big changes like switching to solar or an electric vehicle, but again, returning to that idea of little changes. Look into fitting your house with energy-saving light bulbs and power strips!

4. Connect with Nature - Spending time outside is a splendid way to bridge the gap between caring about the environment because it’s the right thing to do, and making your own personal connections. Sustainability helps communities to thrive, too!

5. Shop Smart - Do your research! Learn about brands and local businesses that align with your ideals and are working hard to bring about the positive change you want to see!

The Giftiply Sustainability Promise

We promise to do our best to bring you the most sustainably and ethically created products at reasonable prices. Every step of the Giftiply Process has carbon-neutrality and green-thinking in mind. We promise to make progress with each sale and inspire those little changes everyone can make to live more sustainably.

Giftiply is always learning and we’re excited to see what comes next in the world of post-consumer products and packaging. On our Stories Page, we will also be exploring additional uses for our products, before and after being used as wrapping materials! Sometimes the best way to act sustainably is in the “Reusing” part of the Three R’s.

Thank You!

Thank you for taking the time to read more about our efforts to create sustainable products, ways you can make positive changes, and our dedication to leaving the world a little brighter. If you have questions about our processes, products, or partnerships, please reach out via our Contact Page. Be sure to follow our social media for fun promotions and announcements! Join the newsletter to stay up to date on everything Giftiply! (We only send you fun, cool stuff, we promise.)


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