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raised for non-profits


about us

Giftiply is an eclectic group of passionate, creative, and motivated humans who work collaboratively to inspire the spirit of giving. One decision can exponentially transform the world and help humanity thrive.

Our Mission

Giftiply exists to offer unique and creative products that are thoughtfully designed to support the missions and efforts of the non-profit heroes that work to make our world a better place. Philanthropy, artistry, and sustainability are the core of every Giftiply product. We are creating an affordable opportunity to transform art enthusiasts into awareness-spreading, fundraising champions.

Our Purpose

Patrick F and Patrick K were looking for a fun and creative way to give back to the NPOs they love, while spreading awareness and art, all at the same time. It was either: "Create Giftilpy" or get REALLY into moss graffiti. Turns out Patrick K is super allergic to raw moss, so Giftiply it is!

Our Story

meet the patricks

(Yes, they're both named Patrick.  Yes, that DOES get confusing in meetings.)

Patrick F - (he/him)

As a founding member of the Non-Profit We Still Believe, Patrick F has built awareness and fostered services for Southern California's Homeless Population. His background is in the Music Industry and Software Development with a life-long passion for helping those in need.

Patrick K - (he/him)

Creative Director and Themed Entertainment mover and shaker, Patrick K strives to change his industry from the inside out. With the founding of Big Break Foundation, Patrick has personally fought for the inclusivity and diversity of Industry Newcomers and life-long professionals alike.

Giftiply has curated a world-class creative collective of artists, working to design patterns and prints inspired by the missions of our Non-Profit Partners. A minimum of 33% of the purchase price for each product goes the Non-Profit Organization that inspired the design. We also encourage further giving by providing our customers with the option to increase the sale price by sliding a bar to the right, with 100% of the additional donation funds going directly to the Non-Profit.

Our designs are printed with soy based inks on 100% recyclable newspaper print for a boutique quality finish. The paper is folded and flat packed in plastic-free, biodegradable packaging: eliminating the wasteful cardboard roll. All of our products are sourced and produced in the United States to limit our carbon footprint.

Uplifted Wrapping Paper (Not just any wrapping paper!)

Paper Sheet Dimensions: 21.5 x 30in

Sheets per Package: 5

introducing our first product

The Front is Beautiful

and the Back is Brilliant

Giftiply’s wrapping paper is double sided. The back side of each sheet is designed to include helpful grid lines for easy wrapping; the logo of the Non-Profit that inspired the design; information about the Non-Profit's mission; and a QR code that leads to additional information about the artist, Non-Profit, and the ability to make an instant donation.

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