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Frequently asked questions

  • How many flat sheets do I need?
    This depends on what you are wrapping. On average - one 21.5" x 34" sheet is usually large enough to wrap 2 gifts, and each package comes with five sheets (so that's 10ish gifts per package). One sheet can wrap wrap a gift about the size of a large shoe box.
  • Why newsprint?
    Because it does the trick of beautifully wrapping a gift without a huge price to the environment. As far as papers go, newsprint is probably the most environmentally friendly one there is. It can be produced from a wide range of wood pulp and saw dust, and uses the least amount of chemical agents to change the consistency or quality. In the US over 90% of newsprint is created from recycled paper. In fact, a piece of newsprint can be recycled up to seven times.
  • Will the ink smudge on my fingers?
    Not as much as you may think, but yes, a little. Our printing process conserves energy by not heat sealing the ink on the paper, and does not use any additional chemically-based sealers or laminates—choices we made to keep the product as green as possible. Our paper’s soy-based inks absorb more thoroughly than petroleum-based inks which originally gained the reputation of rubbing off of people’s fingers.
  • What is the best way to store my extra paper?
    The best way to store your paper is in a folder or a box out of direct sunlight. Because newsprint is not acid-free, it will yellow with age if left in the sun for an extended period.
  • Can I recycle this wrapping paper with my newspapers?
    Yes! Absolutely, it’s so easy! Over 72% of all newspaper in the U.S. is recycled, dramatically helping to reduce the impact on forests, dependency on imported oil and the need for more landfills. In fact, newsprint is made of up to 30% recycled-fiber content, and can be recycled up to seven times.
  • What happens to my wrapping paper if I throw it in the trash or compost?
    Under the right conditions, newsprint will completely decompose in approximately six weeks. In fact it makes great seed pot starts for the garden!
  • How much of my purchase price goes to the Non-Profit?
    A minimum of 33% of the base purchase price is paid to the Non-Profit partner.
  • How much of the extra dollars I pay by sliding the arrow to the right goes to the Non-Profit?
    On top of of 33% of the base purchase price, 100% of any additional dollars you choose to contribute is paid to the Non-Profit partner. This is a great and easy way to include a donation as part of your gift!

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