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Spooky and Sustainable Halloween Wrapping Paper Projects!

A chill rolls in on a 3am train, the leaves skitter across barren sidewalks, and the warm flicker of orange candlelight shines from the eyes of a neighborhood of jack-o-lanterns. As the October fog descends, we find ourselves entrenched in the Halloween Season. This charming and spooky time of year brings out the best in party hosting and DIY decorating. In this post, we’re going to take a look at some of the creative ways you can utilize gift-wrapping products to enhance your holiday!

Treat Bags -

With a little orange tissue paper and some green tape, you can create super easy pumpkin treat bags! Perfect for portioning out candy or other surprises for parties, these adorable pumpkins are great for trick-or-treaters too.

Simply cut a circle out of a sheet of orange tissue paper, add your candies, and twist the top together with a small piece of green tape! For such an easy DIY, it’s really effective, bringing a little extra spooky goodness to your Halloween.

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A step-by-step process for this craft is featured on the One Little Project blog.

Trick-or-Treat Candy Bags -

A sheet of Giftiply wrapping paper can be transformed into a cute and sustainable trick-or-treat bag. Our designs are uplifting and colorful; there is sure to be a match to your kiddo’s Halloween costume! My personal recommendation would be to use Words of Affirmation: a black-and-white design filled with inspirational messages and potential. It can be used as a coloring-page first, and then transformed into a treat bag! Every purchase of this design benefits The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention - San Diego.

With a few simple folds and a couple of well placed staples, a flat sheet becomes an open-top envelope for goodies! Fold the sheet in half, fold in the open edges, add two-three staples along the side to secure the bag itself. Rather than metal staples that can interfere with recycling and be a potentially pokey item in a bag of candy, check out this more sustainable option:

Ecostaplers fasten together pages with a strong hole-punch action, binding the pages together with the additional paper punched out. It sounds like magic to me!

After Halloween night passes, and the candy has been picked through and all the black licorice and raisins have been set aside to be sent to the writer of this blog, you can reuse the paper from your treat bag to wrap a small item, shred it into confetti, or simply recycle your treat bags.

G-G-G-Ghosts! -

White tissue paper makes for darling ghosts, whether dangled from the ceiling or wrapped over lollipops, it’s a great way to bring a little simple spooky flair. A sheet ghost can be cute or even a little scary, depending on the shape it’s in! Round ghosts with crisp edges and friendly eyes make for a more adorable approach. But tatter the bottom of the “sheet” and give it long, slender eyes and mouth, it could even elicit a jumpscare in the right light!

For one-time-use decorations like these, it’s best to make them out of recyclable products. Tissue paper is technically recyclable as long as it doesn’t contain any foil or glitter, but can be hard to sort out at recycling facilities. However, again as long as it isn’t adorned with plastic sparkles, it can be a great composting tool.

Our friends over at EcoEnclose wrote a feature about the recyclability/compostability of tissue paper. They created our super fun and sustainable packaging mailers for all Giftiply products! If you’d like to learn more, check out their blog HERE!

Enter if you Dare!

Stay safe and have a wonderful Halloween Season filled with tricks, treats, and some super-fun Halloween DIYs. Check out our Shop Page to explore all of our prints and products. Thanks for reading and we look forward to being your holiday companions all year round! Stay spooky!

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