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Special Partner Spotlight: Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation

As Childhood Cancer Awareness Month comes to a close, we wanted to take a moment to spotlight our partner Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF). This month, and every month, our team is proud to be a Company Curing Childhood Cancer. Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation emerged from the front yard lemonade stand of 4-year-old Alexandra “Alex” Scott, who was fighting cancer and wanted to raise money to find cures for all children with cancer.

Alex Scott - The Founder of Alex's Lemonade Stand sits at her lemonade stand, surrounded by homemade signs.

Today, ALSF is one of the leading funders of pediatric cancer research in the U.S. and Canada raising more than $250 million so far, funding over 1,000 research projects and providing programs to families affected by childhood cancer.

What is Alex’s Lemonade Stand’s Mission?

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”

In addition to raising funds for cutting edge pediatric research, Alex’s Lemonade Stand has created a strong community with programs dedicated to making life a little sweeter. They started a Travel For Care program that helps support families of children receiving treatment. Their SuperSibs program works to help siblings of children diagnosed with cancer feel a little less alone. There is so much strength in the collection of stories, in the sharing of time and treasure alike.

Nationally, the ALSF Event Calendar is filled with charitable runs, golf tournaments, specialty culinary outings, and of course, the Annual Lemon Ball. There are countless ways to get involved, show your support, and join the community.

This September, The Million Mile celebrates its 10th anniversary! This month-long celebration encourages participants to run, walk, or cycle during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. The Million Mile challenge funds researchers so they can find better treatments and more cures for childhood cancer.

Our Partnership

We are so happy to be part of the ALSF mission. 33% of your purchase of Bushels of Hope directly benefits the foundation, funding childhood cancer research. This premiere wrapping paper designs features bright and juicy lemon tree artwork.

Created by artist Tracy Lee Stum, Bushels of Hope represents how the seed Alex planted has grown and grown into this incredible community, inspiring hope with every squeeze. This design can be purchased HERE! We also have a SUPER cool new design, AVAILABLE NOW: Superhero Bears! A group of super-powered bears whimsically work together to make lemonade!

ALSF - Impact in Unexpected Places

Hi, my name is Anna Kraus. If you’ve read any of our other Stories, you’ve already heard my voice! I am the Manager of Creative and Relationships for Giftiply and currently, the only employee not named Patrick.

(Before I dive into my personal story, I want to preface it with a small disclaimer. It’s a little bit sad and touches on experience with grief. It’s also filled with a great deal of love and legacy. If you’d prefer to read more direct stories of the Heroes we fight alongside, click here! )

It was 2004. I remember so distinctly, that August morning in the passenger seat of my dad’s car. The drive to my grandparents’ convenience store was quieter than usual and he sighed as we pulled in front of my candy-striped, Countrytime Lemonade stand. There was a smudge of dirt on the plastic awning. Dad swallowed hard, the way he did when he was trying not to cry.

“Before you get started today, I just wanted to tell you. Alex passed away last night.”

I sat stunned, I didn’t know what to do or say or how to feel.

She was only eight.

I was only nine.

“You don’t have to run the stand today, that’s okay. But I’d hope you would want to come back tomorrow.”

Tears running down my cheeks (both then and now as I type this), I nodded and we drove back home. We talked about death and love and what comes after. We talked about cancer, we talked about how easy it was to add strangers to our family. For the first time in my life, someone I considered a friend was gone. I never met Alex, but through her mission, through her Lemonade Stand, and through her stories, I knew her.

Every day, save one, that summer was spent pouring lemonade and raising money for childhood cancer research. Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation had such a profound impact on my formative years. When I joined the Giftiply team, I was overjoyed to discover ALSF was one of our partners. Things have come full circle and I am once again able to contribute to a cause I deeply care for.

My father passed away very suddenly about six months ago. Our conversation in the car that day about death and love and cancer and loss has stayed with me all that time. Having his words to guide me through my loss has helped me more than I can say. It was Dad’s idea to have me run the lemonade stand. I think he’d be proud of what I’m doing today.

How You Can Help

Join the fight against childhood cancer! Alex’s Lemonade Stand has a wide variety of resources to get you set up for success. It starts small and can add up to so much!

1. Do your Research - Listening to the stories of kids and families is a wonderful place to start. Learning from those directly affected can help to empower their message. A story’s strength is in its sharing.

2. Spread the Word - Proudly share the gold ribbon, a symbol of pediatric cancer, and involve those in your circle. The best way to get those close to you involved in a cause you care about is to directly share it with them. Take the time to have these personal discussions. Anyone can link you to a webpage!

3. Attend an Event - The ALSF Event Calendar hosts year-round offerings. There is even a Lemonade Stand tracker to help you find a stand near you! Go get yourself a cup of lemonade, support an amazing cause, and support those hosting the fundraiser! I’m sure they’ll be glad you stopped by.

4. Get Your Company Involved - There are a myriad of ways for businesses to get involved in donating to ALSF. If your company is looking for a way to give back, check out their business page. They even offer workplace wellness programs!

5. Host a Lemonade Stand - Roll up your sleeves and pour us a glass! Alex’s Lemonade Stand makes it easy to get yourself set up with your own stand. It’s a fantastic project, fun for the whole family, and benefits a really wonderful cause.

Fighting Childhood Cancer, One Cup at a Time

Thank you so very much for reading. At the heart of each of our partnerships is a dedicated group of people looking to help others, inspire hope, and change the world. Even the smallest actions can spark massive change. Visit the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation website to learn more about their amazing mission and check out our lemon-fresh designs that directly benefit them!


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