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Welcome to Giftiply: Together We Can Spark Positive Change!

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Welcome to Giftiply!

We believe that one decision for positive change can grow, gaining transformative power and multiplying the output of good. So naturally, to inspire the spirit of giving, we turned to wrapping paper and gift-giving products! Giftiply is a sustainable wrapping paper brand with Non-Profit Organization Donation and Awareness at its core. Offering beautiful, 100% recyclable wrapping paper products that benefit a variety of causes and foundations, Giftiply provides its customers an opportunity to give back while wrapping their gifts. Launching with six major Non-Profit partnerships, this is a unique opportunity for you to connect with a variety of causes.

Who are we? What do we do?

The Giftiply Team is an eclectic group of passionate, creative, and motivated humans who work collaboratively to inspire that spirit of giving. We were founded by a group of entrepreneurs from the Theme Park Design and Music industries, providing a creative baseline for our band of misfits and do-gooders! Story-Driven wrapping paper is a totally out-there idea, fitting so perfectly with the causes and artists we’ve partnered with. Giftiply is founded on the idea that one small choice can exponentially transform the world and help humanity thrive.

Inherently connected to the spirit of giving, wrapping paper can also be a billboard, an art piece, and a way to spread a message. Designed by independent artists, the outside of the wrapping paper offers a variety of beautiful prints. On the inside, those receiving a package wrapped in Giftiply paper will find information regarding the benefiting Non-Profit and a QR code to scan, linking to resources and more ways to give back. The outside is beautiful, the inside is brilliant!

What Makes Giftiply Different

Storytelling is the greatest tool nonprofits have to garner support. It is essential to share information about the cause, those that benefit, and how your contributions are being used. Each imaginative Giftiply wrapping paper design works to tell the story of the nonprofit, beautifully crafted to represent the NPO partners. We will also be featuring the stories of our partnerships, artists, and creatives here on our Stories page! It’s a great way to learn more about the causes you support and the gorgeous wrapping paper products we have available!

Giftiply has taken great care to ensure our products are not only sustainably created, but mindfully packaged and shipped as well! We are working with EcoEnclose, an eco-friendly packaging company to continue the mission of positive impact in all of our practices.

So what really makes Giftiply stand out?: Ingenuity, Artistry, and Sustainability. Providing a totally unique way to Level-Up your gift-giving experience, Giftiply (a portmanteau of Gift and Multiply) promotes and encourages multiplying your impact and donations through our signature Giftiplier. The Giftiplier makes sharing information about the partnered nonprofits completely seamless. Inspire further giving with a few simple clicks! You can create your own campaigns, track their progress, and follow up on the donations of your friends and family. It’s like social media for giving back. I’d love to see your cat gifs do THAT!

Our Big Gift to The Partners

Making a splash, Giftiply is donating 100% of the sale for the first 1000 units sold for each partnered Non-Profit. This massive gift will be distributed to the five Non-Profits that have joined the Giftiply family at its launch. At $18 per wrapping paper package, early adopters of the Giftiply brand directly give back with their entire purchase. After the initial 1000 units per partnership, 33% of every purchase benefits the non-profit of your choice.

This ambitious upfront donation is Giftiply’s way of igniting the spirit of giving, literally starting our adventure with a gift: Igniting our relationships with the Non-Profits and consumers alike. Now, if we can find a way to attach a big sustainably created bow to an electronic bank transfer, then we’d really be in business!

Established Support

Five Non-Profits have already partnered with Giftiply to lend their stories and receive support in return. 33% of all proceeds go directly to the organization of the customer’s choosing, with the opportunity to make an additional donation through The Giftiplier. (Taa-daaaa!)

  • Alex’s Lemonade Stand

  • American Foundation for Suicide Prevention - San Diego

  • Be the Match

  • Give Kids the World

  • Stand for the Silent

As Giftiply grows, more partnerships will be formed and our network of positivity and gift-giving will expand. It’s like a chain reaction, just like with your support for these organizations. All it takes is a little spark to light the fire!

Moving Forward

Looking to the future, we are so excited to produce a wide variety of products and forge more Non-Profit partnerships. Cultivating our relationships with artists and creatives, we are so looking forward to growing our community as new partnerships are developed. Additionally, Giftiply strives to integrate innovative technology to increase engagement of the supporters and their connection to the causes they rally behind. We are always looking to combine new tools with sustainability-minded products.

Beyond the world of wrapping paper, the future will hold all kinds of surprises for our Shop Page! Our secret lab won’t let me share too many details of what’s coming down the pipe, but I really think you’re going to love it! It takes more than just excellent wrapping paper to package up gorgeous gifts.

Wrapping Up

Giftiply is offering premium wrapping paper celebrating themes of philanthropy, artistic expression, and sustainability. The sheets of paper are beautifully designed by independent artists, sent to consumers in eco-friendly, carbon emission offsetting packaging, share information about the benefiting nonprofits, and are 100% recyclable. 33% of every purchase is donated to the nonprofit associated with your wrapping paper selection, with the option to enhance your donation. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our newest adventure into the world of sustainable gift-giving and non-profit organization support.

Wrap your gifts in giving back.

Feel free to reach out to us via the Contact Page with any questions! Be sure to join our email list and follow us on social media for more stories, updates, and special promotions!

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